About Us

We cover nature.

Teman Greenhouse Covering Industries Company with the brand name Semanplast (Parse) was opened in 1371 with the aim of producing all kinds of greenhouse nylons in the country, and now with more than three decades of experience in the country’s plastic industry, it is proud to produce a wide range of Products including single-layer and three-layer greenhouse plastics up to 16 meters wide, mulch covers, pool wall covers, soil disinfection covers, silo packaging covers, second greenhouse covers, all kinds of bags, hydroponic cultivation bags , stretch film and various types of shrink and packaging nylons, which is the result of choosing the most modern and up-to-date machines and the most accurate laboratory equipment and using experts in this industry, as well as selecting high-quality raw materials from the best known brands in the world This company is located in an area of 10,000 meters in Shams Abad industrial town and about 40 personnel of this company are working around the clock to provide these products and services. Quality and experience is the secret of our longevity in the plastic industry of our beloved country, Iran. We are aware of our responsibility to contribute to the development of greenhouse cultivation and nature conservation.