One of the first decisions to be made is to build the greenhouse as a separate unit, in contact with existing buildings or as part of new buildings. Attached greenhouses usually cost less to build and heat and are easier to access, but the plants receive less light.

Connected greenhouses should be built facing south. An independent greenhouse can be built in a place far away from the existing buildings. Plants in such a greenhouse receive sunlight from all directions.

These greenhouses are very expensive in terms of construction and heating system, and they require extraordinary expenses for water and electricity lines. A greenhouse can be built in any size, but the smallest greenhouse that can be considered is something around 200 square feet (18.4 square meters). Smaller greenhouses are relatively expensive to build and operate.

The issues that should be considered for the construction of the greenhouse are: access to transportation ways, which can be minimized by building as close as possible to the main roads. the type of fuel used in the greenhouse; In areas where natural gas is available, costs can be greatly reduced in the cold season by using this cheap fuel.

Access to water sources with the right quality and quantity. environmental effects; A place that constantly has unfavorable weather, heavy rains, shadow caused by being located on the northern slopes of high mountains or towering trees is not suitable for building a greenhouse.

Light intensity is one of the determining factors. The type of product included in the production plan. Considering that the trends are towards the specific production of products and the production agenda is determined after the initial study of the domestic and foreign markets before construction, they must first determine what product to produce, then decide to build a greenhouse in the region and climate suitable for that product. get.

Keeping in mind the laws related to the land of urban areas and the construction and operation of greenhouses, etc. The construction site should be as flat as possible because if it is uneven and sloping, creating a large greenhouse will be associated with many problems and costs for leveling.

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