Floor and tunnel covers

Tunnel and floor coverings are a type of agricultural nylon that is used for low-altitude crops and crops on the ground. With this method, excellent growth conditions and an ideal environment for rapid germination and growth of plants, vegetables and flowers are provided. The use of tunnel covers increases the growth, as a result, vegetables and other plants can be harvested between 4 and 8 weeks earlier than the scheduled date.

In the tunnel cultivation method, plastic covers are placed on a series of strong wires or rings made of galvanized steel or PVC pipes that are embedded in a semicircle on the ground to create an enclosed growing space. Plastic tunnels are narrow and easy to carry. Tunnel cultivation should be done away from cold or wet places and wind. Note that in this method, the soil or the growing environment should only be kept moist, in fact, growing plants inside a plastic tunnel is no different from growing in a greenhouse.

The temperature inside a clear or opaque plastic tunnel can be 5, 10 or even 20 degrees Fahrenheit (2.8-12 degrees Celsius) warmer by the sun than outside during the day. Residual heat from the sun inside the tunnel can also keep plants 2-7°C (1.1-3.9°C) warmer than outside temperatures at night.

Specifications and features
Plastic tunnel
50 to 250 cm
Clear and white
35 microns