Parse Cement Plast Laboratory Company is equipped with the latest test equipment from prominent companies in the field of laboratory equipment production. All the products produced in this company are examined and controlled by these equipments. This laboratory with the presence of experienced and educated personnel in addition to monitoring the products produced in order to develop technical knowledge, increase the quality and upgrade the products with the team The research and development of Semanplast company can be done with the cooperation of this company. Ensuring the products produced in this collection using domestic and international standards is on the agenda of this collection so that you can earn as much as possible.

The laboratory of this company is ready to cooperate with all dear collections and greenhouses.

آزمايشگاه‌ شرکت سمن پلاست پارسه با بروزترین دستگاه های آزمون جهت کنترل کیفیت محصولات تجهیز شده است.