Silo covers [silage covers]

In order to protect and preserve fresh livestock fodder against external factors, silage covers are used in fattening and dairy farms. These covers are usually produced in opaque form. To protect the fodder from sunlight. Semanplast Parse has the ability to produce these coatings according to customers’ requests

Silage is actually packaged fodder that helps farmers and ranchers to provide food for cows and sheep during the cold winter and autumn seasons when the pastures do not have proper vegetation. For ensiling, the forage is chopped before it is completely dried, then fermented to preserve nutrients such as sugars and proteins, and finally covered with stretch nylon. By creating anaerobic conditions in the fodder, the silage coating allows the fodder to be stored for a long time and its taste does not change much

These coatings are usually produced with a thickness of 22 to 25 microns, and according to their production by a five-layer machine and special additives, they can provide a strength equivalent to 40 MPa. In this way, they create a suitable insulation against humidity

We are able to reduce the thickness of films to 22 microns and still maintain the quality against perforation and tearing, as a result the length of the roll will increase by about 13% and this is equivalent It will be 1700 meters longer, with which three more bales can be packed and also greatly reduce the packing time.