Stretch film

Stretch films are a plastic film with high elasticity that is wrapped around goods and pallets to secure, package and stabilize products.

By importing the most modern and up-to-date machines, Semanplast (Parse) produces and markets stretch films in different sizes, thicknesses and colors, which are produced with the best raw materials of linear light polyethylene.


Improving the stability of products or goods in the food and beverage industries and…

More efficient handling and storage of unit loads

Protecting products from dust, moisture, and sunlight

Packaging of agricultural products and construction industry (bricks, cement, tiles)

Industrial, domestic and health use

Packaging products on pallets


ISO 9001:2008. ISO14001:2004. OHSAS18001:2007


10 working days after payment

Minimum order: 5 tons

Packaging: pallet


Film thickness: from 15 microns up

Video width: at the customer’s request

Raw materials: polyethylene

Light transmittance: at the customer’s request

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