Types of greenhouse covers and their characteristics

گلخانه شیشه

1- Glass cover

As a greenhouse coating, glass has high light transmission, longevity and stability, so that ultraviolet light rays do not affect its stability and longevity, but they are vulnerable to hail and heavy snow, and with the passage of time and their dirtiness, Their light transmission is reduced, so they must always be kept clean. The thickness of these covers is between 3 and 5 mm. These glasses do not pass ultraviolet and infrared rays. Among the disadvantages of these coatings, the following can be mentioned:

> High initial cost of the structure, equipment and their installation

> The expensiveness of glass compared to other coatings

>Higher heating cost of glass greenhouses

>High probability of breaking glass with hail

2- Non-glass covers


These covers can be divided into two types of soft plastics


and divided hard plastics:


* Soft plastic covers

– Polyethylene (PE) covers

The initial cost of preparing polyethylene covers is less and can be easily used, and therefore it is most used for greenhouse covers. These covers are produced in different widths and 50 meters long.

پوشش پلی اتیلنی گلخانه

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